Important Features of an Effective Chinese Manufacturer Directory

Chinese Manufacturer Directory
20th Sep, 2017

Running any business, whether it is a small start-up or it’s a well-established organization, is a very hard work. It not only needs a lot of market research but it also needs tough business decisions to make. Considering the budget is also an important factor. At Ecpages, we believe that it is important to recognize the power of online marketing and this is why people are using an online business directory for finding a business and search for the services and products. There are a lot of online directories available on the internet but it is tough to get a good online directory. Online marketing is one of the most powerful tools for promoting a business to a huge number of people. And this is why an online manufacturer directory is one of the best marketing tools. There is a good collection of online Chinese manufacturer directory and you have to check which one can offer you with maximum benefit. If you are in search of a good Chinese manufacturer directory, then you need to consider a few factors and features of the directory.

Important Features of an Online Manufacturer Directory

  • The most important feature of a Chinese manufacturer directory or rather any manufacturer directory is, it should be user-friendly. The directory must have a high-quality feature which will help the viewer to find a business easily. All you have to do is just type the name of the type of business they are searching and the location which they prefer. After putting these two, the users should be able to get immediate results.
  • The next is the user interface of the online directory. The users must find it easy to use and navigate. If it takes a long time for the user to get the desired results or a long time to find the necessary searches, then it cannot be said to be a good online directory.
  • The next important feature of an online manufacturer directory is it should allow free listings. There are a lot of online directories which allow business manufacturers to “submit a business” free of charge in their online directory. You can just add the business for free and this will offer the small business owners with a lot of exposure to prospective clients. It is a great feature for the small and new business organizations. With the free listing feature, these small organizations will get a lot of exposure without spending a single penny.
  • Another important feature of an online directory is elaborate categories. A good business directory will have different categories to filter the search for the users and the manufacturers both. It will allow the manufacturers in submitting their businesses in the most relevant categories. This why a lot of clients who need services and goods of that particular category, can access to those businesses.

How Online Directory Helps in Market Research

There are a lot of benefits of using the online manufacturer directories in market research. It is better to enlist your business into as many online manufacturer directories as possible. Coming to the market research, if you can use a good number of online directories, it will become easier for you to go through the samples. It will also become less time consuming to understand the different types of businesses, the terminologies, and technicalities. If you are a novice or a small business entrepreneur in the Chinese manufacturer market, you need a good collection of online Chinese manufacturer directory. It will help your business in getting different types of information and then compare them easily without approaching high-level representatives from the rival organizations. When you weave through an online Chinese manufacturer directory, you become aware of the services and products and also get a lot of relevant information about their brands.

One of the most interesting features of an online Chinese manufacturer directory which helps in market research is the sales automation feature. With this feature, any business organization can form the appropriate keyword alerts and it can get a notification whether a buyer or seller is posting relevant queries. Since both the services and products are listed in the online manufacturer directories, it becomes very simple for other business organizations to check them and make strategies to modify their services and products accordingly for their target customers. Instead of actually visiting the market, the online Chinese manufacturer directory acts as a tool to make a market research which is equally effective and doesn’t even need too many resources or a huge amount of money.

A Brief Guide to Sourcing from China

It can be a profitable move for your business if you decide to source products from China but chances are, you will also encounter a lot of challenges. Starting from the cultural differences to the language barriers, it is important to know the potential issues before you are starting. While sourcing from China, the first thing needed is a good Chinese manufacturer directory. It is not easy to trust all the Chinese manufacturers because of the quality issue. This is why a proper Chinese manufacturer directory will help you in knowing the authentic sources to contact before you start doing business with them.

The business practices in China are different from any other countries. For instance, the ability to pay with PayPal or a Credit card is a major issue in China. They prefer to get paid through the Western Union, or Bank Wire. The Chinese have very long holidays where a factory can shut down for as long as a month. If you don’t get a response from them, it doesn’t mean you are being ignored; it is just how things work there. Being a business organization, the focus is to have a good business relation with the suppliers and manufacturers be it China or anywhere else. The Chinese suppliers specialize in mass production, especially when they are creating a private labeled product. With the help of an effective Chinese manufacturer directory, you will be able to know the different aspects of Chinese manufacturers and deal with them accordingly.

How to Find the Best Suppliers with a Chinese Manufacturer Directory

Finding and accessing the Chinese manufacturers and suppliers are becoming really necessary for more and more companies. The reason is a lot of businesses are selecting China to source their products. Just a mere Google search is not enough because it is highly unlikely that the search will lead to an authentic Chinese manufacturer. It is a bit tough to establish contact with the Chinese manufacturers because they operate only in Chinese and their website contents are also minimal.

If you are looking for Chinese manufacturers, then you can use the sourcing websites where you can identify the Chinese manufacturers. But the best way to do is to get hold of a good Chinese manufacturer directory with which you can shortlist the best manufacturers of China that fulfill your criteria. You have to develop the list carefully. If the manufacturer is legitimate, it will offer references in the Chinese manufacturer directory and when you contact these references, you will know which manufacturers are worth continuing. In a good Chinese manufacturer directory, it is easy to get the first impressions and the website listings. In case the Chinese manufacturer has got a low-quality website listing or a poor attitude at a trade show, you can immediately strike out the manufacturer because these are the indicators of a less desirable manufacturing company.

Verifying the Best Suppliers by Using a Chinese Manufacturer Directory

Now, once the Chinese manufacturers are shortlisted, it is essential to verify a few things about the listed manufacturers. The first thing to check is the business license. It is absolutely legitimate to request a copy of the business license. And in case the Chinese manufacturing company shows any resistance, it is clearly a red flag. It is better not to proceed with the company any further. The business license of the company indicates that the services and products offered by the company are legal.

To verify about the best suppliers, you can also look at the local AIC website. Every province of China has got its own AIC and they function differently. This is why you have to search for the AIC province to know where the Chinese manufacturer is located. Once you have got the details of a manufacturer from the Chinese manufacturer directory, then you need to confirm the background of the company. After selecting the company, you must also check in the Chinese manufacturer directory about how long the manufacturer has been in operations, and whether the manufacturer has participated in any trade shows recently. Repeated participation in the trade shows is a good sign which shows that the manufacturer is earnest in creating relationships with customers.

Recommended Precautions while Finding Chinese Manufacturers

When you are looking for manufacturers in a Chinese manufacturer directory, you have to lay out your own requirements on price and quality. Only look at the factories which will meet your standards.

The next step is to carefully watch out for any red flag. Be alert to check out anything which could be wrong. The email you are replying, it must originate from the domain of the manufacturer, the phone number you are dialing should be the phone number given on the website and finally, the bank account must be located in China on the name of the manufacturer.

After you finalize the company and come to a mutual agreement with it, you have to conduct a vendor audit. The audit will confirm the quality management, ISO certifications, the tax compliance, environmental laws, ownership, reputation in China and overseas and finally, its financial status. You can hire a specialist to do this for you. The ideal solution will be to hire a multinational company that has its presence in both China and your own location. This will help you in getting easier access to the legal remedies in case of any malpractice.

Sourcing from China can offer you with a significant competitive advantage considering both the pricing and production capacity. But you need to learn about the cultural differences and gain a thorough knowledge of the business practices in China. You have to look for the authentic source of the manufacturing companies and only a good Chinese manufacturer directory can help you. With the help of a Chinese manufacturer directory it will become a lot of easier to sort out your relevant companies, or else it will be like finding a needle in a haystack. If you go with the expectation that all businesses are the same give and take polices and treat the relationship with Chinese manufacturers like any other local manufacturers, then you are in for a rude reality check. While doing business with Chinese manufacturers, it is imperative to communicate very clearly.

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