Need for Effectively Harnessing the Power of an Online B2B Directory

Power of an Online B2B Directory
17th May, 2017

In the present global business scenario, an online B2B directory can be considered as the lifeblood of business enterprises that continuously look forward to widening their customer base by targeting the global market and enhancing market penetration. Another major benefit that an online B2B directory confers on a business is the automation of sales. When a prospective buyer or seller gains access to a large database containing the details of other buyers and sellers, he may at times feel overwhelmed by the immense opportunities that are at his disposal. At the same time, he may also face certain levels of difficulty in identifying the appropriate types of businesses to contact. In this kind of a situation, an online B2B directory can used for the automation of sales process. A business can configure suitable keyword alerts to be notified whenever a buyer or supplier posts a pertinent requirement. It also enables a company to follow other companies and receive notifications about their most recent activities. By doing so, it becomes easier to filter out irrelevant buying and selling leads and concentrate on business opportunities having maximum prospects of success and profitability. As the Internet continues to play a pivotal role in redefining business strategies worldwide and businesses are trying to increase their share of the global market pie, it is becoming more and more evident that only an online B2B directory, that is both comprehensive and relevant, can be helpful in searching products and services from the global platter.

While an online B2B directory is almost indispensable for modern businesses to procure and sell their products and services, and maximize their profitability from international transactions, it is also a great means to promote their search engine rankings. Irrespective of the nature of a business, it needs to have a website and has to ensure that it gains traction over a short period of time. However, with search engine traffic becoming increasingly difficult to achieve, businesses nowadays have to invest substantially in various online marketing techniques. It needs a lot of patience as well to get results from these endeavors. An online B2B directory, however, can be used as an alternative tool for shortening the way to a higher page ranking on Google search. It is worthwhile to know that most online B2B directories, by virtue of their dedicated SEO and SEM campaigns, have higher ranks on most competitive keywords. Hence, a business, when listed on these directories, can harness their search engine capabilities and route traffic to its own website with the least effort.

For any business to be successful against competition, it must necessarily undertake competitor analysis as one of the crucial ingredients of marketing research. Although marketing research is an indispensable corporate activity, many businesses - especially the smaller ones - cannot afford to conduct it to the fullest extent as it requires a lot of resources in terms of time, money and manpower. By using an online B2B directory, they can get a tremendous opportunity to do a detailed research of the products and services of their competitors. An online B2B directory enables them to analyze other businesses from their industry - from various perspectives such as product features, pricing, branding strategies, etc. Because of this reason, an online B2B directory is also helpful to a great extent in product innovation as well as effective business branding - two of the most vital activities that enhance the image of a business in the global market and make it sustainable.

Almost everyday we come across innovative products that come armed with unique features and, like a genie, resolve many day-to-day problems of the modern world. Although these products leave us awestruck, it would rather interesting to know that many of the businesses that are developing such products, use online B2B directories for exploring novel opportunities! Generally, products listed on these directories have their features mentioned in detail; moreover, multiple images taken from different angles are also displayed. While these are done by listed businesses to promote their products, a business that is aiming at modification of an existing product or development of a completely product can be hugely benefited by studying the features and descriptions of listed products. Thus, an online B2B directory saves time by providing a comprehensive list of businesses along with relevant data pertaining to them.

As mentioned above, businesses can learn about the branding strategies of other businesses by referring to an online B2B directory. As a matter of fact, these directories by themselves are effective tools for business branding. Many small businesses often experience financial constraints, especially when they plan their marketing and branding activities. A much easier as well as economical alternative is provided by an online B2B directory wherein a premium member gets its own website along with a logo and detailed product showcase. Additionally, higher rankings can also be achieved in the search results of the both the portal and other search engines. Together, these help a business compete directly with other leading companies having Internet presence.

Along with the benefits mentioned above, an online B2B directory is considered to the perfect place where businesses can effectively expand their network. While this is applicable to all businesses, the biggest gainer are the smaller players and new entrants. In the case of a small business, its nets value is determined to a large extent by its network size as well as its influence. Networking has gained so much relevance in the modern business world that most businesses invest almost equally in networking and direct marketing activities. A wider network helps a business increase its footprint in the global market and is thus a strategic activity that all businesses undertake seriously. However, traditional networking methods are again time consuming and costly, and here an online B2B directory comes in handy once more. It gives an excellent opportunity to grow a business network minus significant costs. A business can easily identify the most prominent companies that may complement its products or services by going through an online B2B directory and contact them directly in order to create partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

Conducting business in the modern day world has become highly interesting as well as challenging. While the global village format of a shrinking world has opened numerous opportunities for businesses to reach out to more and more buyers (and suppliers), it is becoming increasingly evident that a business may lose out to competition unless it adopts effective strategies. In the global marketplace smaller businesses or business with limited funds can also become profitable if they effectively harness the power of an online B2B directory which provides a wide array of benefits in the vital areas of product design and modification, pricing, search engine rankings, branding and networking. Given the significance of these activities in determining the sustainability of a business, it makes complete sense to use an online B2B directory for desired results, because it is one of the most effective and economical tools available today.

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