Why to Join ECPages, An Online B2B Trading Portal ?

Online B2B Trading Portal
28th Apr, 2017

Modern day business modus operandi has changed drastically and the way to profitability or higher ROI is dependant upon online presence. Using an online B2B trading portal is one such solution which connect suppliers and buyers from across the world - of different industries and help them to create new business partnerships and explore opportunities together.

High returns on minimal investment

Major online B2B trading portals today comes with annual membership offer which might cost you anywhere in between $200 to $3,000. On comparison this investment with other kind of business development activities, the difference is astonishing. This investment returns you a complete access to verified buyer and seller contact details along with other features which simplify online trading.

Using such website help businesses to save thousands of dollars along with a clearer and deeper insight into the target customers, suppliers and their requirements.

Large scale access

One of the chief advantages of registering with an online B2B trading portal is the direct access to huge number of buyers and sellers. It enables you to contact directly the wholesalers and traders across the globe. Majority of the buyers and sellers are active traders themselves and are always looking for better business opportunities. This helps the business to grow in short span of time. The outcome here is higher positive response for you comparing to normal listings on the internet which are not that reliable.

Automated sales

Gaining access to an almost endless database of buyers and suppliers can sometimes make you feel spellbound by the opportunities at your disposal. It can also be a little difficult to identify the right type of businesses to contact. This is where you can use the online B2B trading portal to automate your sales and be benefitted out of it. 

You can set an alert by arranging certain keywords to notify you every time a buyer or seller posts a relevant product or business opportunity. This will filter out the irrelevant postings and help you to focus better leading to higher possibility of successful outcome.

Accelerate search rankings

If you are in a business and have a website to promote it, you need search engine traffic as well irrespective of your business. For the last few years getting traffic from search engines has become increasingly difficult hence, a substantial investments is required now a days to avail different kinds of online marketing techniques and a lot of patience to rank well in search results.

Using an online B2B trading portal, however, can be a great shortcut to the first page of Google search. Most B2B portals invest heavily in SEO and SEM campaigns that allow them to rank well on competitive keywords.

By listing your business on these online portals, you can use their search engine strength for your benefit and route traffic to your company website with minimum investment and effort.

Marketing research platform

For any business, competitor analysis is one of the most important components of marketing research. These Online B2B Trading Portals provide an excellent opportunity to know the products and services of your business competitors in details.

It also gives you the chance to analyze the other businesses in your industry from different angles like its product features it’s pricing and its market impact. Along with this you can also get to know the different branding and marketing strategies followed by them.

Effective business branding

It has been observed that most small businesses face financial constraints when it comes to marketing and branding activities. They cannot spend more for their business marketing and branding. This can be covered by registering with Online B2B Trading Portal. As a premium member, you’ll get various advantages like your own website, logo and product showcase along with higher rankings in the internal search results of the portal. This will put you in direct competition with any of the leading companies present on the internet in your same industry.

Expand business network

Networking is an important aspect of any business. In fact, today’s businesses have started investing as much for its networking, if not more, as they spend on their other direct marketing strategies. It s been said that the net value of any business is directly related to the size and influence of its business network. 

Online B2B trading portals give you an excellent platform to expand your business network with almost no additional costs. You can identify the most influential companies in your network that can complement your products and services, and get in touch with them directly to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

ECpages has launched it’s new website and by collaborating with 1Point Commerce aims to be a leading player in this hyper competitive and exciting market of global b2b business directory and online B2B trading portal in the coming years. We are excited with the future ahead. Get listed today start growing your business faster. Your success will be ours..

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