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Lestop Caps & Hats Manufactory

190#Pingdong street Sanxiang town Zhongshan city

Zhongshan city

Guangdong province




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LesTop specializes in making baseball caps, promotional caps, bucket hats and other apparel. It was founded in 1993, Lestop is located in Pearl River Delta, Guangdong province, China, which is near Hong Kong and Macau, so We enjoy a convenient transportation with it. We have a manufacturing building of 6,000sqm , advanced facilities and a 400 skilled staff team, which will provide you excellent services. We make 800,000 caps and hats per month. We have a good sale all over the world, especially in USA and Europe. Last year, our sales kept increasing by 23%. Our motto is that Our cooperation is not only a product, but also a good credit of quality and a good partnership of lasting development.

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