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AgroDerm Tarimsal Urun gelistirme ve Pazarlama

Akkent Mah.Corum Ticaret Borsası Kompleksi No: 11-F Merkez-Corum, Telefon no : 0545 378 20 25







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Our company, which has been conducting research and development (R&D) in the agricultural field since 2015, determines that you started the plant development in 2020 on regulatory and developing products. It aims to meet the highest level for the soil and farmer with its understanding of product and farmer-oriented production. AgroDerm is evaluated both economically and economically with the products it develops. AgroDerm + It is a special product with ozone technology to improve the structure of the soil, strengthen the plant and increase soil and crop productivity. Ozone Technology + N-P-K-Zn-Cu-Fe-Mg-Ma-S + HUMAT AgroPomad + is a special liquid-foliar fertilizer used for all plants to strengthen the plant root and stem structure and increase product efficiency.

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