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Kinwey PC Wire Factory

New Development Zone, Dezhou, China






zhang ning


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Kinwey PC Wire Factory mainly exports high strength plain pc wire, ribbed pc wire and indented wire, stranded wire and series steel products for concrete reinforcement and construction. PC steel wires / strands are ideal material suitable for large-span and large bays cast-in-place concrete floor, large load of precast beams and other special structure. They are essential basic materials for the development of large infrastructure such as bridges, and in the field of civil constructions. Standards we follow for steel wire for prestressing concrete: ASTMA416, GB/T5224, BS5896, ISO6934 We mainly offer Steel Wire Products for Prestressing and Post-Tensioning Structures ( PC Mono Wire and Stranded Wire) in Constructions with fittings ( anchorages and couplers): PC Wire 3mm to 5mm as per ASTM A421 (Plain, Indented, Spiral & crimped) and PC Strand 1x7 wire uncoated and unbonded. We also supply steel bars for reinforcing concrete, and rebar fittings like bar ties, bar chair, slab / beam bolster and other related steel materials for construction.

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