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El Salvador

3152 Cut and Sew Apparel Manufacturing

5211 woven cotton fabrics, un 85% cot, mmfmix, ov 200g/m2

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Sourcing Off Shore

Calle Circumvalacion, Ind. Orion, Bodega 2, Urb. Industrial Plan de La Laguna

Antiguo Cuscatlan

La Libertad


El Salvador


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Sourcing Off Shore Apparel Manufacturing and Outsourcing Based in dynamic labor-intensive El Salvador SOS was founded by ROBERT DAVIS. Bob saw the ever increasing operating costs for United States companies. He has been working offshore for fifteen (15) years, and has seen the advantages that offshore companies have over United States based production facilities. Under Bob's direction numerous companies have repositioned themselves in today's competitive market. The companies realized a smooth transition from a domestic to offshore restructuring. Keep in mind that some companies move offshore, while others use contract labor. Contract labor is placing your work with a local offshore contractor who in turn provides the labor force to produce the units. SOS has worked out the contract labor "BUGS" and can assist your company to implement a smooth transition from a United States based operation to OFF-SHORE RESTRUCTURING. Sourcing Off Shore Company Profile: View on Website: Contact Information: Sourcing Off Shore If you have questions how SOS and your company can solve your present market position, financial position, and competitive edge feel free to contact Bob. Give SOS a call to 011-503-283-0033 Direct Line, Fax: 011-503-283-0032, Mobile Hotline: 011-503-722-8995, Residence Bob Davis: 011-503-228-6879, 7 Days a Week. Email: Send us a sample, SOS shall evaluate who the contractor should be, while at the same time SOS will work with said contractor to structure items such as pricing, delivery dates, start up dates, etc.

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