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Lamina Perforated Sheet Factory

Silver Time Road








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We make perforated metals out aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, cold-rolled carbon steel, copper, brass and other metals. Perforated sheets can be punched from metal plates and coils providing options of margins and blank areas, along with full perforation styles. A common way to produce perforated metal is using coils. This method provides great flexibility in both design and handling. Perforated coils can be produced faster than perforating sheets. Standard perforated metal sheets we supply are size 1000 x2000 mm, thicknesses from 0,3 mm up to 10 mm and perforation from 0,3 mm up to 100 mm. Perforation range: round, square and rectangular holes and much more. Usually holes diameter can not be lower than thickness. Usually the round holes layout is at 60°. Squared and rectangular holes, instead, are aligned. Lamina focuses on sheet metal processing since 1998. A reputated North China manufacturer and exporter of Perforated Metal, Expanded Metal and Etching Metals with precise manufacture. As professional manufacturers, Lamina Perforated Sheet Factory is equipped with CNC Metal punching machine and other equipment to handle all requirements and is able to provide the most precise and unusual perforating processes. We can perforate for you: Round, square, triangle, hexagonal, slot, rectangular, oblong, decorative, scale, curved patterns, parts with irregular hole spacing, intermittent solid areas, decorative effects and much more. Of course, we can easily produce blank areas anywhere you desire for functional or decorative purposes, such as where you require mounting holes or need to attach brand nameplates, identification tags or instruction plates.

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