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315991 Hat, Cap and Millinery Manufacturing

650590 Hats & headgear, knit etc, lace, felt etc in pc

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Cap City Ltd.

Guan Ting Industrial District, Rd 1st Xi Hu, Shi Long Town

Dong Guan





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Cap City Ltd.-A HEADWEAR SOLUTION LEADER We are a leading professional headwear manufacturer & exporter in HK & China. We have been specializing in the headwear business for 23 years and have been successfully exporting to overseas customers worldwide a wide range of baseball caps, golf caps, cabby hats, fisherman hats, buckets, visors etc. made from all kinds of reliable materials such as cotton, twill, polyester, nylon, canvas, wool, spandex, strap, velcro, brass & grommet etc. We are in need of LOTS OF SERIOUS importers, retailers, wholesalers, trade organizations etc. to join us to expand our mutual headwear business. Check the company info and product details at the following links: Thank you for your time & attention and look forward to hear from you soon. Wish you all the best in your business.

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