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Hudges Industries

65 D, Building 5, Bagsakan cor. Sirloin Rd, FTI Compound,






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Hudges Industries was formed in 1993 & is proud to be in business since last 14 years.. Hudges Corporate office & factory is spread around 3000 sqm. area in FTI Complex, Taguig. Manufacturing of the cloth is done in Pakistan in Hudges own Factory & The Manufacturing setup is from thread to finish, only thread is bought from outside & the rest of the manufacturing setup is conducted at Hudges Industries Pakistan & Philippines Factories. What sets HUDGES apart are the scrupulous quality control checks for all the products that we source from our fabric manufacturer plant in Pakistan. Located in the heart of Manila, Philippines., we are manufacturer, retailer and exporter of very high quality home textile products made in Philippines. Our brand Trendsetter Colelction is distributed to 550 stores nationwide including Robinson�s, Super SM, Ever Department Store, Metro Gaisano, Gaisano Group,Puregold, International Freeport, Sta Lucia, export market is in ASIA, USA, CANADA and Middle Eastern Countries & currently expanding into the Western European market & plans to increase the Export market this year by 100%. We believe that the high quality of goods being produced in Philippines right now will match and also outshine much of the merchandise that is currently available. Our professional team will take the hard work out the equation for our clients, by sourcing quality products at the best possible price. The main reason why clients keep coming back to our company is that apart from sourcing excellent quality products, we also have the most competitive prices and on-time delivery.

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