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Pasadena Appliance Repair Pro

1308 E. Colorado blvd, Ste 108




United States

1-626-249 5022

John Mika


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Clothes are one of those things that get dirty faster than expected. If the washer or dryer is broke, the clothing pile gets big fast. Pasadena dryer repair is there to save the day. They can get people back wearing clean clothes quickly. No need to wear dirty clothes when Pasadena washer repair is available for onsite washer and dryer services. Dryer repair pasadena and washer repair Pasadena is the answer to a good laundry day. Refrigerator Repair Pasadena Food costs really add up when the refrigerator is not working. If it is not keeping the items cool, it is time to call for a refrigerator repair Pasadena service. The certified Pasadena refrigerator repair technicians are knowledgeable about many different brands both for residential and commercial customers. Restaurants that need Pasadena refrigerator repair turn to Pasadena Appliance Repair for fast response times. Dishwasher Repair Pasadena The dishwasher repair Pasadena service technician is trained to fix nearly any problem. Appliance repair Pasadena can install a new machine or repair the existing one. Installation is one of their specialties. Ovens and Stoves Repair Pasadena Kitchens are where the magic happens and stove repair Pasadena and oven repair Pasadena is where to turn when things go wrong. They can order a part for the person who wants to do it themselves or one of their professionally trained technicians can fix it. Either way, Pasadena Appliance Repair is the place to turn to for help. Pasadena Appliance Repair People in and around the Pasadena area know who to call when one of their appliances acts up. They turn to Pasadena Appliance Repair for a quick quality fix on many appliances including dryer repair Pasadena and refrigerator repair Pasadena. Their years of experience and good customer service have set them apart from the crowd. They have a strong work ethic that shows with each job they do. Now is the time to call and set up an appointment to have that appliance fixed by a caring professional. Repairing an appliance is often much more affordable than buying new, but if it cannot be repaired they will be happy to install it. Call us Today (626) 249-5022. Business Hours: We are open 24 Hours Monday to Friday

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