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331222 Steel Wire Drawing

8311 wire, rods etc for soldering etc & met spray, bmpt

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Akdeniz Sanayi Sitesi 5024 Sok. No:62






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Our company, which started to work as Yalçın Tel in 2001, has been forced to produce our own products because of the difficulties of the era and the inadequate technology. The products brought in at that time were not in a sufficient level in terms of quality and included very high prices in terms of cost. We are here to serve you better and reduce your costs after a long service period of five years. We would like to express our gratitude to all of our friends and customers who have provided us with confidence in these days and who are able to produce products that can be used safely for years with confidence. We believe that over 10 years of work experience and experience in our life will bring new friends to us in the years to come.

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