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R3 Wholesale

E-5/8, sec-7, rohini East, New Delhi






Rahul Gupta


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R3 Wholesale is a popular brand of glass water pipe since 2014, our organization focuses on smoking pipes and adornments explore since 2014, we have manufacturing plants to blow glass items, professional R&D department to refresh new styles each month. Our items deals business to clients everywhere throughout the world. An ever increasing number of wholesalers coordinate with R3 Wholesale group, all R3 glass water pipe specialists have more than 10 years glass blowing knowledge. Our water bongs, glass bongs, bubblers, one hitters and so on are hand-made solely in proficient workshops.  As of late, an ever increasing number of wholesalers specialist R3 glass pipes give  OEM&ODM administration to clients who need to do themselves brand products market. Logo design is accessible for you.

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