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Iran, Islamic Republic of

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Alliage Rizan

Central office: third floor –126-shariati ave –Amol street Tehran Iran




Iran, Islamic Republic of


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Dear sir We would like to offer you below items, which are produce under license of a famous German company to sell. More technical &chemical information are available. Please Contact us via our company web site Email: For your application Thanks a lot for your attention Your faithfully Motor oil 1) Motor oil M100 2) Motor oil M150 3) Motor oil M500 4) Motor oil 800 Calcium complex based grease 1) Calcium based grease 2) Calcium complex based grease 3) Lithium based grease 4) Lithium based grease EP 5) Lithium based grease (Graphite) 6) Sodium based grease 7) Calcium based grease (Graphite) 8) Gear oil 9) Hydraulic oil 10) Turbine oil 11) Emulsion oil 12) Cutting lubrication 13) Calcium graphite based grease Special product 1) T321 lub oil performance additive 2) T322 lub oil performance additive for catalyzes / Turbo charge system 3) T323 Gear performance additive 4) T321 Gasoline performance additive 5) T232 Diesel performance additive 6) T234 fuel system cleaner (Diesel) 7) T235 fuel system cleaner (Gasoline) 8) T236 fuel system cleaner 9) T242 Radiator performance additive 10) T243 Radiator performance additive 11) T253 inside motor production 12) T359 sealing paste 13) T362 cleaner spray 14) T373 Electrical lubricating 15) T364 Brake cleaner spay Chemical Cleaner 1) Manual Washing Powder Manual cloth washing 2) Machine Washing Powder Machine Cloth washing 3) Cleaning Liquid Services cleaner 4) Whiteness Liquid For Cloth &Material 5) Glass Cleaner Spray for cleaning of Glass 6) Hair Shampoo For different kind of Hair 7) Body Shampoo Body cleaner 8) Carpet Shampoo For manual cleaning of different kind of Carpet 9) Make up Tissue for ladies 10) Tooth Paste various kind of test &color for adult and children 11) Flying Insect killer Spray type 12) Shaving Paste Food staff 1) Canned Vegetable 2) Canned Foods 3) Tomato paste 4) Fish Tones 5) Olive Oil 6) Drink concentrate 7) Salad Souse in different test 6) Macaroni in different shape Agriculture 1) Dried Figs 2) Raisin 3) Saffron

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